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Worldwide Wendish Connection

Our mission is to connect the Wendish (Sorbian) people and their descendents around the globe through a variety of methods not least of which is basic information.

Wendish Communities Fedor – Part I

The early names for the Fedor community were Bluff Creek, Moab, and West Yegua (YEHwah). Yegua is the Spanish name for mare and became the name for a creek. The name change to Fedor began when August Polnick, an early Wendish settler, decided to move to Thorndale, and...

Johann Kilian’s Call

Following is the text of Rev. Johann Kilian’s Call to serve as pastor for the group of Wends that emigrated on the Ben Nevis in 1854. The original document is located in the archives of St. Paul Lutheran Church, Serbin, Texas and a typed copy is included with...