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It Must Be The Noodles

It’s been quite a while since I’ve had time to think about our Wendish preoccupation with our heritage, our history and our specialness. In a previous column, I decided it had to be the noodles, because we are so proud of our yellow, egg-rich Wendish noodles (you can...

The Wendish Research Exchange

Our mission is to document the Wendish/Sorbian experience through research, information exchange, collaboration, and the promotion of related projects.

Logo for the Wendish Heritage Society of Australia

Wendish Heritage Society of Australia

Our Society exists to collect, preserve and research Wendish and German family history, culture and heritage. All who share this heritage by birth, marriage or simply by common interest are welcome to join.

Worldwide Wendish Connection

Our mission is to connect the Wendish (Sorbian) people and their descendents around the globe through a variety of methods not least of which is basic information.