Texas Wendish Heritage Society Mission Statement

Preserve the history of the Wends (also known as Sorbs / Lusatians) by maintaining a museum to conserve relics, manuscripts, artifacts, tapes, and other important items relating to the Wends and their heritage.

Foster an understanding and appreciation of the cultural background of the Wends.

Provide for and arrange meetings to study, exchange information, and share fellowship; organize local chapters; and recruit new members.

Cultivate the usage of the Wendish language.

Develop and manage endowment funds with specific purposes to further the work of the Society.

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  1. Norman M Kneschk says:

    Hi, I am Norman M Kneschk and eserching the Kneschk, Wolsch, Meissner, and Petrick families. I would to come to the museum and do more research, but I am now almost 88 years old and don’t if I can make the trip as my wife is n poor health and I probaly should not drive that far by myself. I was wondering if you have a copy of the Manheim Lutheran church records as I would like to look at it again, because I missed something the first time.

    • Director says:

      If you will please email us with the information you are researching we will be happy to look into the Manheim Church records and share it with you.
      Thank you!

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