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History of Holy Cross, Warda, Texas – Daughter of Serbin, 1873-1905

The beginnings of Holy Cross lie in the dissensions within the Serbin congregation. After Ernst Leuber, teacher at St. Paul’s, Serbin, and his party left to organize St. Peter’s Church, it did not take long for Karl Teinert, one of the other dissenters, to air his grievances against Pastor Kilian. He used his influence to persuade a number of farmers near the Rabbs Creek section that their interests would be best served if they should separate from the two Serbin congregations and organize their own parish.

Daughters of Serbin, 1870-1905 – History of the Lutheran Churches at Fedor and Warda, Texas

During the late sixties of the past century a number of Wends and Germans settled about twenty miles north of Serbin along the Yegua creeks, particularly near the West Yegua. At first these settlers, especially the Wends, traveled the long distance to Serbin for their spiritual needs. As the number increased, it became evident that a separate congregation with its own pastor and school would be more practical. Gradually the sentiment became strong enough to make an attempt to obtain a minister who might teach and preach to the settlements scattered in the vicinity.

THE WENDS OF TEXAS; The smallest ethnic group of all

This little historical fragment — or one quite similar to it — buried in an obscure tome on Texas folklore, caught Sylvia Grider’s eye one afternoon while she was browsing. And it made her stop short. “I had thought I was a pretty well-versed folklorist, especially in Texas...