St. Paul Building

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church has always had a parochial school. Their current building is actually the third school building. The first was the original cabin built as a combination church, school and parsonage. When the stone church was built, the second church building was used as a school. When a  new school and gymnasium were built in 1979, this building was donated to the Museum.

This is the oldest building in the Museum complex, having been built in 1915. It served as the two room school house. As you enter the building the room to the left was the classroom for grades 1 to 4 and the room to the right was the homeroom for grades 5 to 8.

The original building was 24′ wide by 68′ long, with 14′ high ceilings. The two classrooms were divided by a large sliding door. Each classroom had five large windows on the south walls in addition to windows on the gable ends. The building sits on a foundation of native stone 18-inches above the ground.

Permanent Exhibits

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