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  1. Carolyn Ender says:

    Are membership dues & donations to the scholarship program tax deductible?
    Thank you.

  2. Has the Gift shop order form changed since 2015 or are the prices still good? Wondering if anything else available as well. Thank you!

    • Director says:

      Some of the items are no longer available.
      Email us at the museum and we will be happy to check any items and prices for you.
      Thank you!

  3. Vikki says:

    Do you still have a variety of bonnets; if so, how much are they?

    Thank you!

    • Director says:

      We do have a variety f bonnets available – they include work bonnets with large brim and also visiting bonnets a bit more dressy.
      They retail for $22.
      We also have child’s bonnets selling for $18.

  4. Rachael Snedecor says:

    I’ll be bringing family out for Wendish Festival in September. Would love to find a wendish dress for my Grandaughter who will be a year and a half then. Is there anyone who makes and sells those in the area?

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