Peter Building

The Peter Building houses our Permanent Exhibit of the History of the Wends and their emigration from Germany and their new life in Texas. It also includes the Lillie Moerbe Caldwell Genealogy and Research Library Collections. Books, and Gift-shop items are available for purchase.

As you enter the Building and turn to the left, our Permanent Exhibits begins with a small dock scene depiciting the landing of Wendish settlers at the Port of Galveston, Texas on December 16, 1854. They came from sixty-five cities and came with their meager possessions. Shown is a travel chest brought over on the ship Ben Nevis by the George Kasper family. A model of a 19th Century sailing ship is in the glass case.

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  1. C Partridge says:

    I must be slow….but I can’t find the times that you are open.

    • Director says:

      We are open 1pm – 5pm every day except Mondays and holidays.
      Tour groups may be scheduled at any time.
      Yhank you!

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