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How do you get to Serbin? Here are the directions Pastor Johann Kilian gave to Pastor Th. Brohm in 1870 for finding his way from New Orleans to Serbin: “When you come to Galveston go to J. Kauffman & Co. with whom I have dealt for many years....

cover art for CD titled From Wendish to German to English

Linguistic Change in Texas

This is one track from a CD produced in 2003 by the Texas Wendish Heritage Society. The narration on this track is by Dr. George Nielsen, special features editor. Contact the museum for more information or for pricing information.

The Wendish Research Exchange

Our mission is to document the Wendish/Sorbian experience through research, information exchange, collaboration, and the promotion of related projects.

Logo for the Wendish Heritage Society of Australia

Wendish Heritage Society of Australia

Our Society exists to collect, preserve and research Wendish and German family history, culture and heritage. All who share this heritage by birth, marriage or simply by common interest are welcome to join.

Worldwide Wendish Connection

Our mission is to connect the Wendish (Sorbian) people and their descendents around the globe through a variety of methods not least of which is basic information.

Women in Wendish Booth at 1973 Texas Folklife Festival

Women in Wendish Booth

Photograph of Lillie Moerbe Caldwell (left) and Mary Schimank, standing in the Wendish Gallery booth, at the second annual Texas Folklife Festival. The booth is sponsored by the Wendish Culture Club; one woman is holding a piece of wood that says, “Texas Wends 1854-1973.” Lace doilies for sale...

Woman Preparing Wendish Noodles

Photograph of a woman making Wendish noodles at the Texas Folklife Festival. She is wearing a bonnet, sunglasses, a shawl, and a checkered skirt. She is scooping up some noodles out of a large pot in front of her. Other pots and pans are also visible on the...