Update on the Jan Kilian Room Project

We recently posted a letter from Pastor Benjamin Rehr and the congregation at Weigersdorf, Germany describing a project they were undertaking. With help from the congregation at Klitten, a room of the Weigersdorf parsonage was being transformed into the Jan Kilian Room – a climate-controlled space to house and display important artifacts and books from the initial years when Kilian was serving the two congregations as pastor and plans were being developed to migrate to Texas.

The TWHS Board approved donating $6,000 to help with the project, and additional donations from our members were also sent to Pastor Rehr. Following is a letter we received recently from Pastor Rehr describing the progress of the project:

Dear Mrs. Bise!
Time is passing by so fast, and it is only now that we have time
to send you a short report about the ongoing process of our project.
There is some good news to tell. First of all, thanks a lot
for the money. It was transferred to our account on August 2nd.
It was a great support because without it we could not have finished
the last finishing works.

Now we hope that the show room will be completely finished
in a couple of weeks. There is still something missing, like a
glass wall and the furniture to display all the valuable things
of the exhibition. As soon as we have finished we will set a date
for the inauguration.

[The room] looks really great, the air conditioner is already
working and we want to display all the documents and letters
and books in the new AC equipped room as soon as possible.

The next step for us is then to digitize all documents to completely
finish our project. We think that we can do this after
having completed the work on the room.

Please pass on our warm thanks to all people who have donated
money and so have supported our common project.

We will let you know the date of the inauguration, so that you
have the chance to take part in the celebration of this long project,
done by the help of you and your supporters and the help
of the members of our congregation, who have worked hours
galore for it, without getting paid. We are really happy about
what we have received and are sure that Our Father will provide
us with anything we need in future, too.

Yours sincerely,
Pastor Benjamin Rehr