Note from the Executive Director

Greetings from your Wendish Museum! We hope that you will have an opportunity to visit us soon and see the current displays and exhibits featuring Wendish folklore and historic Wendish artifacts. You will also appreciate the new kiosk that provides visitors with choices of videos to watch. Available are video shorts on the Texas Folklife Festival, Wendish Fest, Family History Presentations, a “Minute-by-Minute” animation that reconstructs the founding of Serbin, music, and narrations. Videos that are appropriate for our museum will be happily accepted to add to our kiosk collection. “THANKS” to Dan Carter and Danny Merkord for assistance with the videos. So be sure to visit us soon and experience the displays, exhibits and videos.

We are excited about our upcoming Wendish Noodle Recipe Cookbook and will appreciate your noodle recipes and their origin for inclusion in our first edition to be available at Wendish Fest on September 24th. Since we will publish the cookbook in house, updated editions will follow. A special “THANK YOU” is extended to Mark and Matthew Dittert of Katy Printers for the donation of a binding machine. This binding machine will be used to bind the Noodle Recipe Cookbook.

We appreciate all of you who are so generous with your time and donations to help us with our daily activities and special projects. Visitors are amazed to hear about how our Society was established and the folks who keep Wendish heritage alive. THANK YOU ALL!