In and Around the Museum

We continue to be fortunate recipients of donations that enhance our ability to educate and entertain our visitors. R.J. and Ruth Nitsche recently donated a book that might have been part of Pastor Jan Kilian’s library, although the exact provenance has not been determined. The book – printed in 1550 by Hans Lufft in Wittenburg – is the third volume of the first German complete edition of Luther’s writings (Wittenberg edition) that were published between 1539 and 1559 in two series of folio volumes, 12 in German and seven in Latin. The Nitsche’s donation, given in memory of Jamin and Linda Nitsche, is now the oldest book in our collection. Once a proper display case is purchased, you will be able to see it on display in the Peter Building – a project we hope to accomplish in time for Wendish Fest.

Another recent donation came to us from Amy J. Powell and her family. Their donation, comprised of three items, includes an original page of the 4 Sept 1852 edition of “The Illustrated London News” with an artist’s etching of the ship Ben Nevis and an article describing the newly built packet ship; a history of the Ben Nevis and its builder written by Paul Tenhet especially for TWHS; and a bone china mug bearing the same image of the Ben Nevis that was printed in the 1852 newspaper. Dunoon Ceramics Ltd in Argyll, Scotland produced the mug in 1990. These items will also be added to our displays, hopefully in time for Wendish Fest.