Reformation Trip with Wendish Territory Option

“Wendish Territory” Pre-Tour Option — May 5-9, 2017
“In the Footsteps of Martin Luther and the Reformation 2017″— May 9-17, 2017

The 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 2017 is a good time for a trip to Germany to revisit the life and ministry of Martin Luther. This tour is hosted by Lutheran Foundation of Texas with Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Kieschnick as on-site tour hosts. Historic towns on the basic Reformation tour itinerary include Berlin, Wittenberg, Halle, Eisleben, Erfurt, Eisenach, Worms, Heidelberg, and Mainz, returning home from Frankfurt.

The Pre-Tour Wendish Territory option includes visits to Dresden, Bautzen, Klitten, Weigersdorf, Hoyerswerda, Schleife, Spreewitz, Raddusch, Cottbus and Lubbenau. For those who have already visited the Reformation sites and thus are interested only in the Wendish portion of the trip, that option is available.

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