Contest Winners – Wendish Fest 2016

Stick Horse Races
Stick Horse Races

Stick Horse Races

2 years: 1st place: Macy Sommerfield, 2nd place: Lily Vedadi, 3rd place: Riley Harkrider

3 years: 1st place: Maddox Wick, 2nd place: Ryan Jackson, 3rd place: Barrett Kirkwood

4 years: 1st place: Henry Kalmbach, 2nd place: Liam Kalmbach, 3rd place: Max Sommerfield

5 years: 1st place: Kylie Schmidt, 2nd place: Lyric Morgan, 3rd place: Mary Morgan

6 years: 1st place: Layla Jackson, 2nd place: Miriam Mayer, 3rd place: Daniel Lehmann

Coloring Contest

Coloring Contest

Coloring Contest

Pre-K and Kindergarten: 1st place: Kylie Schmidt, 2nd place: Dalton Surman, 3rd place: Ryan Jackson

First and Second grades: 1st place: Layla Jackson, 2nd place: Cooper Hinze, 3rd place: Kaden Kasper

Third and Fourth grades: 1st place: Ayla Droegemueller, 2nd place: Sharron Adair, 3rd place: Reese Weiser

Bake-off Judges

Bake-off judges –clockwise from top: Mark Wendland, Judy Wolff, Chuck Dube, Kenneth Patschke, Madison Stein and Amélie Boerger.

Coffee Cake Bake-off

Youth Division: 1st place: Destiny Mitschke, 2nd place: Ariel Davis, 3rd place: Kaleigh Davis

Special Division: 1st place: George Boerger, 2nd place: Donna Sagebiel, 3rd place: Candace Kaiser

Kaese Division: 1st place: Mary Ann Prellop, 2nd place: Evelyn Buchhorn, 3rd place: Bonnie Kiesling

Streusel Division: 1st place: Glenda Davis, 2nd place: Alice Wilson, 3rd place: Laurie Kasper

Washer Pitching Contest

Due to rain, the contest was called a 3-way tie among the following teams: Jon Knippa & Liam Knippa, Glen Albrecht & Kyle Kasper, Kim Droegemueller & Leah Menzel