Texas Historical Foundation Gift Assists Wendish Museum

The Texas Historical Foundation, a 62-year old preservation organization, has announced a grant to the Texas Wendish Hertiage Society. THF President Bruce Elsom and Lauren Vienne, the organization’s grant manager, presented the financial gift on Friday, July 29th.

The donation will provide funds to support the development of a collection of visual media to provide additional tools for the preservation and promotion of Wendish culture and history at the Texas Wendish Heritage Museum.

THF President Elsom said, “The Texas Historical Foundation is committed to preserving and protecting Texas history, and we understand that resources are particularly scarce in small communities. That makes us especially proud to partner with the Texas Wendish Heritage Society to help tell the story of the Texas Wends.”

Texas Heritage Foundation log
Since 1954, the Texas Historical Foundation has funded preservation and education projects around the state and helps promote the cultural legacy of Texas. The group’s main efforts include its award-winning Texas HERITAGE magazine and a preservation grants program. For more information, or to join the Foundation, use the on-line membership form found on the organization’s website.