Quarterly Membership Meeting

August 21, 2016, 2:00 pm

In 1834, a German immigrant to Texas, D.T.F. (Detlef Thomas Friedrich) Jordt, aka Detlef Dunt, wrote and published a book entitled, Reise nach Texas, in which he described Texas as “a land which puts riches in (the immigrant’s) lap, which can bring happiness to thousands and to their descendants.” Dunt wrote and published the book to encourage German immigration to Texas, but what made his account unique was that he was writing it from the viewpoint of someone who had first-hand experience as a German immigrant to Texas. After Dunt arrived in Texas, he settled in the area around Frelsburg and Industry where he lived with Friedrich Ernst and family, so the Texas he saw and described in his book included Austin’s Colony from the lower Brazos region and San Felipe to the Industry and Frelsburg areas.

Dunt’s book was recently translated from German to English and published under the title, Journey to Texas, 1833 by the University of Texas Press. Dr. James Kearney of the University of Texas at Austin, who served as editor and wrote the introduction for Journey to Texas, 1833, will be with us on August 21 to speak about the book and Dunt’s travels. It will give insight into the life of settlers in colonial Texas and the various social, political, and economic conditions that prompted European migration to Texas.

The program promises to be both interesting and informative. Bring a snack to share, and join us on August 21!