Note from the Executive Director

Happy summer everyone – No doubt it’s here! Thankfully the rains soaked everything so we haven’t lost the beauty in our garden. Lilies and roses are still blooming. This year brought an abundance of Schreck-Kräuter, which tells a popular story for visitors. A visitor from 2015 called the museum to let us know she is enjoying a beautiful crop of Schreck-Kräuter from the seeds she had picked during her tour. She also wanted to verify the story of Schreck-Kräuter so she can share it with friends as they admire her crop!

Summer is also family reunion and vacation time and we are happy to have so many visitors include us in their summer travel. Travelers from all across the US and many other countries keep our docents very busy. We welcome them and appreciate ALL of our docents and the Wendish hospitality they offer!

Tours are still being scheduled at a steady pace. Most tour groups request the traditional Wendish lunch along with touring St. Paul Church and the museum complex. These visitors truly enjoy the tours and rave about the meal prepared for them. Kudos to our cook-volunteers.

I must include an update about our Wendish cats. Last year three kittens made our museum complex their home. They were given the names Johann, Wendy and Schmutzie. This spring all three grown up kittens presented us with a litter of their own – yes, Johann became Johanna! So there were a dozen cats and kittens running around the complex. By May, the bags of cat food were emptying quickly so we held a Wendish Cat Adoption the day of the Serbin Picnic. After the picnic, all that remained were two kittens – the rest went to good Wendish homes – yes, even the original three! So we now have two kittens that will reside around the complex and help take care of the rodents. We haven’t named them as yet – but when we do, the names will have to suit both a Johann and a Johanna! Perhaps a Wendish Cat Adoption will become an annual activity of Serbin Picnic.

No matter what I say in my quarterly newsletter reports, it always includes mention of volunteer efforts. Volunteers are what keep the noodle inventory going, the tours staffed, meals prepared, artifacts accessioned, and daily visitors welcomed.

Wendish Fest is also possible through the work of many volunteers – our upcoming 28th annual on Sunday, September 25 will involve approximately 350!

We say THANK YOU to all of you who are part of our volunteer workforce and invite all others to become involved and join in the fun!

Joyce M. Bise, Executive Director

2 Responses

  1. Nancy Kent says:

    I enjoyed the update on the Wendish cats. I would hope the remaining kittens could enjoy a long life catching rodents on the museum grounds without producing any offspring. If you start a fund for them I would be happy to donate to their spaying and neutering. Don’t know about Texas but here in Oregon we have so many unwanted kittens. Perhaps a naming contest with a donation attached would work. It would be a nice addition to the newsletter to hear what the Wendish cats are up to. Thanks

    • Director says:

      The two remaining cats are doing well – Thank you for the ideas and sharing your appreciation for our Wendish four legged friends!