Passengers on the Ben Nevis and Their Families

“Passengers on the Ben Nevis and Their Families” has been an effort to decipher the document that has come to be known as the Ben Nevis List and put forth the most complete and accurate information about the Wendish families aboard the Ben Nevis. It also includes those immigrants and immigrant families who came to Texas directly before and after the Ben Nevis until 1861, when migration stopped during the American Civil War. The purpose of this work is to enable those interested in their roots to connect to their immigrant ancestor and hopefully make the leap to the appropriate town in Germany so they can continue their research.

Introduction by George R. Nielsen

This excellent resource book, published in March of 2016, is available at/from the Texas Wendish Heritage Museum in Serbin, Texas.

There are also several informative articles on the Wendish Research Exchange regarding the Ben Nevis.

Weldon Mersiovsky

Weldon Mersiovsky is a noted Wendish historian; author of many papers on all subjects Wendish; and special contributor to the Texas Wendish Heritage Society Newsletter.

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  1. Jo Ann Eichenour says:

    Passengers on the Ben Nevis and Their Families Do you have any more books on this. I would love to purchase, I just got busy with new floors and the house got turned upside down and I wasn’t able to order right away, and I just ran back across this once again. My maternal Grandmother was Esther Marie Moerbe. who married George H. Fehr – my Mother was Julia Marie Fehr. Please let me know and I will order along with some other items that I found that I would like to have from your website. I am a member of the Wendish Heritage Society. Thank you kindly Jo Ann

    • Director says:

      Thank you for your inquiry – we are able to ship the Passengers on the Ben Nevis and Their Families to you.
      Cost of the book is $27.50 and shipping $5.
      Send your payment and mailing instructions to:
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      The book will be shipped to you once payment and information is received.
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