Floppy Dolls – The Funniest Troupe of the Lausitz

The Sorbian-German-Peruvian theater band “Floppy Dolls” is a rock, pop, funky and weird ensemble, all at the same time. Their program is entitled: The best band in the world on a world tour! The rock-pop-folk-country mix is as twisted, flashy and charming as the band itself. The Floppy Dolls are five Sorbian, German and Peruvian actors of the German-Sorbian Volkstheater Bautzen, who create an unforgettably delightful atmosphere and rock every party, Sorbian style.

The Sorbian actor Mirko Brankatschk and his team perform a short, beautiful concert of Lower Sorbian hits and parodies, – titles from the last 50 years of Lausitz musical history broadcast on Sorbian radio – now interpreted by the actor-band in an entirely new and fun way.

The Floppy Dolls go on a musical world journey in September from Bautzen to Serbin, Texas for the 2015 Wendish Fest.

Live-Band: Anna-Maria Brankatschk, Lisa Zschornack, Mirko Brankatschk, Diego Carlos Seyfarth and Tasso Schille

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  1. Peggy Clark says:

    I am the Event Coordinator for Galveston Historical Foundation. We are putting on our first Galveston Heritage Festival this year on August 15, 2015 to celebrate the history of immigration through the port of Galveston in the 1800’s and 1900’s. We would love to have The Floppy Dolls be part of the entertainment at our festival this year. Please contact me by email or by cell at 281-723-6805.

    Peggy Clark
    Event Coordinator
    Galveston Historical Foundation

  2. Hello,

    I am interested in possibly booking The Floppy Dolls. Do you have a contact?