Cowboy Tom or the Pants Pocket Adventure

Cowboy Tom

A performance with puppets based on the Sorbian children’s book by Benno Budar – Stage version by Madleńka Šołćic

On the last day of school, Jan draws a cowboy and puts the picture into his pocket. In the schoolyard, the Cowboy suddenly comes to life from the drawing. He tells Jan about his emigrant ancestors in Texas and in exchange, Jan shows him their “old country”, that is, the Lausitz. So Tom gets to know the hospitality of the Sorbs in Germany and also hears about their sufferings from brown lignite coal mining.

They both experience adventures: they fly in a balloon over the Lausitz, land on the Bautzen Cathedral, then make a flying visit to the Lutken (dwarves) in Buschschänke (Beat Around the Bush Tavern), then they hood-wink the shrewd people of Salow with a magic cap.

The piece is full of regional references and works as a bridge between the different worlds and cultures, between past and present. In the end, the cowboy disappears as mysteriously as he appeared, but leaves his friend Jan an invitation to Texas.

The German-Sorbian Theatre Bautzen has accepted the invitation gladly and will present the puppet (theater) show in Sorbian, German and English at the Wendish Festival 2015 Serbin, Texas.

Directed by: Mirko Brankatschk
Set, costumes and props by: Udo Schneeweiß
Technician: Martin Suschke
Performed by: Anne Katrin Weber and Stephan Siegfried (as a guest)

Deutsch-Sorbisches Volkstheater Bautzen
German-Sorbian Volkstheater Bautzen
One theatre, three languages

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  1. Bonnie Bakerr says:

    When planning to take grand kids to an event…it is important to know the times of the events. The times for Floppy Dolls & Cowboy Tom are not listed….so I cannot plan.
    Do I want to drive a n hour & miss them. NO.