27th Annual Wendish Fest, September 27

Mark your calendars and plan to help us celebrate our 27th Annual Wendish Fest on Sunday, September 27. The event is just around the corner, and we will have with us a variety of entertainers. The La Grange High School German Club will be our featured performers that afternoon. From Germany, a group of actors from the Deutsch-Sorbisches Volkstheater in Bautzen and a musical group, the Floppy Dolls, will be here to perform a puppet show at St. Paul Lutheran School that Friday. The puppet show is based on a children’s book entitled, “Cowboy Tom”, the story of a young boy who meets a boy named Tom in a dream and hears the story of Tom’s life after moving from Germany to Texas. And, LAST BUT NOT LEAST, egg decorators from the Förderkreis für Sorbische Volkskultur (Society to Promote Sorbian Folk Culture) will be here to demonstrate the art of decorating Wendish Easter eggs.

We need Silent Auction items and desserts! Wendish Fest is not only one of our two biggest and best opportunities to share our story (along with the Folklife Festival), but the proceeds help keep our museum doors open so people can learn more about the Wends. If you would like to donate to the Silent Auction, we are accepting items now. Or, please consider bringing baked items for our dessert booth that morning.